It’s that time of year again! The stores are decorated and people are out and about trying to find that perfect gift for their loved one! Why not make your gift purposeful, healthiful and movement based? I can’t think of a better way to show love this holiday season! Here’s a list of my favorite movement-based gifts!

Our feet are often overlooked, but their health is SO important! This little ball can do wonders for your feet (and any other stubborn knots you have in your body).


Pinky Ball

Similar to pinky balls, but comes with a tote so you can travel easily with it and preserve them longer!


Tune Up Balls

Learn how to use the yoga tune balls to give yourself a massage with this fabulous book.


The Role Model

Awesome for core exercises!


Over Ball

Want to improve your balance? Look no further!


Balance Disc

Quad stretch anyone?

Yoga Strap 150x150


Yoga Strap

Follow the included instruction manual to find ways this method can release tension in your hands and feet!


Melt Method Kit

A favorite in pilates classes, this foam roller can be used to kick your exercises up a notch.


Foam Roller

Treat yourself during your restorative yoga poses with this multi-functional bolster.


Yoga Bolster

Keeping this on hand will help remind you how important it is to stretch your calves (and how good it feels!)


Calf Slant Board

I can’t think of a more simple and versatile tool to have in your exercise toolbox. Lightweight and easy to travel- the theraband can both assist and challenge you in your workout.



Make sure your toes are warm during your workouts! These are my favorite socks to wear while doing Pilates or Gyrotonic.


Toe Sox

This book will change the way you think about movement and exercise- in a good way!


Move Your DNA

This. Just Because 🙂


Yoga Dog Calendar

What are your favorite movement-based gifts? Share in the comments below!