Many clients begin sessions with the goal of strengthening their core. They’ve tried exercises like crunches and planks, but find that their neck or back feels cranky afterwards.

Traditional core exercises are great when performed well, but often require more strength and coordination than many individuals are ready for.

If you find that your core exercises are creating discomfort, then I recommend taking a step back and revisiting some basic exercises. Once those are feeling good, you can move on to more challenging variations.

Exercises performed lying down are a good starting point for beginners. This position allows for more feedback and support, which generally feels safer for those with back & neck issues.

When doing core work, it’s important to pay attention to your breath. Your breath is connected directly to your core system and if you aren’t breathing well then your core isn’t functioning optimally. As you go through the exercises in this video, notice if you hold your breath and see if you can breath easily throughout.  As you breathe in, try to feel an expansion throughout your ribs and belly. As you breathe out, feel how your ribs and belly soften inwards.

Although these exercises are simple, they can build a strong foundation for more advanced exercises. As with any Pilates exercise, the focus should be on the quality of the movement, rather than the speed or number of repetitions.

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