My Story

Growing up as a dancer, movement, pain and recovery were strong themes in my life.

My search for healing led me to many modalities including: physical therapy, The Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, The Bartenieff Fundamentals, yoga, Pilates, & Gyrotonic.

These techniques provided me something my dance training hadn’t. They provided me a space where I could investigate my body without judgement. I learned to slow down, listen to my body, build my physical competency, and implement self care practices, all of which were instrumental to my healing process. Ultimately my performance improved, and my pain was reduced.

When I later became a mom, I realized how valuable these techniques were in my pregnancy and beyond.

My Approach & Experience

Today I’ve found a happy marriage between yoga, Pilates, & Gyrotonic

My training includes:

  • 500 hour and Restorative Yoga, Be Yoga (now ISHTA yoga)
  • Anatomy of Breath-Centered Yoga Advanced Studies Program,The Breathing Project
  • Pilates Mat and Equipment, Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon and Balanced Body
  • Gyrotonic Level 1, Vincent Macagnone
    Therapeutic Gyrotonic Applications for   the Shoulder Girdle, Uwe Herbstreit
  • CoreAlign Level 1, Finetune Pilates
    Anatomy Trains 1, Simone Linder
    Healing Diastastis, Jennifer Gianni/Fusion Pilates
  • Pre/Postnatal Pilates Teacher Training, Jennifer Gianni/Fusion Pilates

In addition to these training’s I’ve spent years studying privately with master instructors Clarice Marshall and Jim Phillips and have 14+ years of teaching experience.

While each modality is different, all three work through movement re-education to bring the body into greater balance.

During our sessions you’ll:

  • Become aware and learn to change unhelpful patterns
  • Gain movement practices and self care tools for pain management
  • Strengthen, condition, and improve mobility
  • Build resilience in your body through exploring a diverse repertoire of

Interested in working together? Please visit my services page.

Not only do I feel more limber, strong, and aware of my body, but I’ve felt inspired to move more!

It can be scary to start a new physical activity, especially when you’re out of shape and in pain, but Kirsten made me feel comfortable. More importantly she made moving fun and enjoyable again! I’ve seen a huge difference in my body since we’ve started working together. The other day I was able to kneel down and hold a squat position to help my daughter. I haven’t been able to do that for ages!

Mary Kate T.