Beat The Desk

A FREE Pilates masterclass to improve posture and reduce tech related aches and pains.

For many of us working at a desk is an unavoidable part of life. However, you can gain tools to reduce the physical discomfort that comes with time spent sitting and staring at a screen​.

In this FREE, live masterclass you’ll learn:​


My favorite moves for stiff back, hips, shoulders and neck


What optimal posture is and how to stop slouching


How to build core strength without straining your back or neck

This class happens this Sunday, 1/9 from 11am-12:15pm EST on ZOOM

About me:


Hi, I’m Kirsten Adler! I’m a certified yoga, Pilates, & Gyrotonic instructor and for more than 17 years I’ve been helping people improve strength, reduce pain, and increase flexibility.