Under $50!

Self Massage
The Roll Model Essentials Kit
This kit has lots of different balls to choose from to help roll out tension in big and small areas.

Soft Foam Roller
This soft foam roller might not dig into your muscles as much as a firm roller, but it is incredibly soothing for the nervous system.

The Body Book: A Guide For Occupants, by Bill Bryson
I’m currently reading this fascinating book about our incredible bodies!

Fourth Dimension, by Brian Shankar Adler
Yes, he’s my husband. His new album is profoundly beautiful and lovely to move to.
Local Offerings

Tala Ayurveda
Philippa Anderson is a wonderful Ayurvedic health counselor who helps you learn how to identify your Ayurvedic constitution and determine what health practices will best support it.

Suzanne Connole Acupuncture
Suzanne Connole is a fabulous acupuncturist and herbalist located in Windsor Terrace. With a focus on women’s health, Suzanne support patients through all phases of life, striving to help relieve suffering and pain.


Cooking By Laura
Laura Modigliani is an amazing personal chef! She provides you with high-quality, creative and delicious food- straight to your home!


Dr. Erin James is an amazing chiropractor in Park Slope, specializing in prenatal, pediatric, and adult sessions to support families in living happier and healthier lives.