Season 1, Episode 3

Ditching Diets with Intuitive Eating

Feb 7, 2022

In this episode, movement educator Kirsten Adler chats with non-diet dietician Caroline Bowman about intuitive eating. They discuss the pitfalls of restrictive diets, principles of intuitive eating, and ways to improve your relationship with food.

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About Caroline Bowman

Caroline is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) who provides nutrition therapy and counseling in her South Portland Maine based (but currently 100% virtual!) private practice, Caroline Bowman Nutrition. She helps busy people nourish their bodies and break up with toxic diet culture. She uses a Health At Every Size® and non-diet approach to help clients heal their relationship with food, and believes everyone has a right to body autonomy and respect. Her counseling style is inclusive and rooted in flexibility. Caroline helps people move past dieting and restriction, to re-connect with their body’s intuition around food and movement.

Connect with Caroline Bowman

IG: @mainenutrition

FB: @carolinebowmanrd

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Kirsten Adler

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