Season 1, Episode 8

Real Talk For New Parents 

May 1, 2022

In this episode, movement educator Kirsten Adler chats with Paula Norcott and Nicole Hart, the owners of Maine Mother & Company, about what it’s really like to be a new parent. They discuss the importance of unbiased parenting support, some of the common challenges and how to deal with them, ways to better prepare for becoming a parent, and ideas for self-care.

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About Paula Norcott

Hi Friends! I am Paula, lactation consultant with over 22 years experience serving breastfeeding parents. I have been a CLC for over 15 years and finally completed my my IBCLC certification after completing over 120 didactic hours through the University of California San Diego Extension program. I got my start in this work as a peer counselor for WIC in Plymouth Massachusetts in 1999. I ran support groups for the local hospital and completed my CLC training/certification there in 2005 and worked as a peer counselor for 10 years. I have continued to run support groups after moving to Maine 12 years ago,. I currently work in both the clinical, hospital setting and private settings. I have spent years going deep into tongue ties and how they affect not only feeding but maternal mental health. Frustrated by how maternal pain is brushed off and how slow infant gain is blamed on breastfeeding parents, I have made it my mission to help these families feel confident in their plan and their ability to feed their tiny humans.

About Nicole Hart

Hi there! I’m Nicole, founder of Arrive. I’m a postpartum doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, and parenting group facilitator. Motherhood rocked my world in a big way, pulling back the curtain on how crucial it is for parents to have support in those tender early weeks, months, and years. Sleeping and eating didn’t come easily to either of my babies. Navigating these challenges introduced me to so many amazing resources–local care providers, websites, books and more. Through this journey I found my life’s work in nurturing new parents.​

Connect with Paula Norcott & Nicole Hart

IG: @mainemotherandcompany @arrive.doula.nicole @paula.j.norcott.ibclc

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Kirsten Adler

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