Season 2, Episode 5

Mindfulness and Self-Soothing Strategies for Children

Mar 15, 2023

In this episode, Kirsten chats with Julie Campilio about mindfulness techniques for children. They discuss the benefits of meditation and mindfulness for children, how to approach meditation and mindfulness with kids, and how these tools can help kids cope with anxiety and other big feelings.

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About Julie Campilio

Julie Campilio has been deeply focused on bringing trauma-informed yoga and self-soothing practices to neurodiverse children for over 15 years through Radiant Beginnings and Roots UpIn addition to her lived professional experiences alongside children with trauma and neurodivergence, her drive to bring self-soothing skills to kids comes from her personal experiences with emotional dysregulation and Autism. Today she works to give all children the tools she wishes she’d had earlier, so they can grow into thriving adults with healthy coping skills from the roots up.
Connect with Julie Campilio

IG: @RadiantBeginnings

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Kirsten Adler

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