Season 2, Episode 6

The Basics of Holistic Skincare

Apr 25, 2023

In this episode, Kirsten chats with Therin Pohley about holistic skincare. They discuss why skincare starts from the inside, simple skincare routines, favorite products, and why skincare is self-care.

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About Therin Pohley

Therin has a profound passion for self-care and whole-body wellness, and takes great joy in sharing her experience with her clients.

She has a distinctive and extensive knowledge thanks to her 20 years in the beauty and wellness industry.

She keeps up with the most recent holistic and advanced aesthetic modalities, offering her customers a modern alchemy to reveal their most attractive and harmonious selves.

Therin thrives on demonstrating to customers how intuitive skincare can be when we work to live in harmony with nature.

More than just a facial, a skin-wellness session with Therin allows you to fully reset your nervous system and leave with the skills you need to improve yourself from the inside out.

Connect with Therin Pohley

IG: @themaineskintherapist

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Kirsten Adler

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