Congrats on becoming a parent!

When I had my baby, I was surprised how physically and mentally demanding pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood were. I felt grateful to have tools to help me move through this period with greater ease and confidence. I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge with other individuals.

1:1 sessions during your pregnancy and after can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy, easier delivery and recovery, and help prepare you for the physical demands of parenthood. These sessions can also help you:

  • Improve your core strength and posture
  • Build strength and mobility
  • Reduce stiffness and discomfort

Please visit my services page for more information about my packages.

Non crawling babies are also welcome to join your session. House calls are also available.

Kirsten has been an invaluable part of my pre/postnatal support team!

Thanks to our sessions, I felt confident going into my first birth. Post-birth, Kirsten has helped me become stronger and more flexible and has given me tools to solve everyday aches and pains. She is also kind and has a great sense of humor- I highly recommend her!

Sonia S.

Working one-on-one postpartum with Kirsten has been such an incredible boon!

She has helped me not only to strengthen my core and improve flexibility in my back and torso after childbirth but also to address longstanding issues with my posture and various asymmetries that have plagued me for years.

Rebecca C.