Season 2, Episode 10

Nutrition For Immune Support

Feb 12, 2024

In this episode, Kirsten chats with functional nutrition chef Karina Hines about nutrition for immune support. They discuss the connection between gut health and immune health, the best foods and practices to boost your immune system, and the importance of cooking.

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About Karina Hines

Use everyday food as medicine, follow an anti-inflammatory eating style and bring nourishing meals to your table with Karina Hines, founder of Botanical Kitchen. Passionate about nutrient-dense food, Karina is a chef with over 22 years of cooking experience in Europe and the United States. She is a certified functional nutrition counsellor, herbalist and consultant.

Botanical Kitchen offers memberships to the general public and collaborative partnership programs with practitioners, farmers and organisations committed to helping people make sustainable dietary changes.

Karina promotes cooking as an act of self-care. Her sensibility and flavours focus on simple ingredients. An Australian-born farmer’s daughter, Karina understands that nutrition begins in the soil and nourishing food supports vibrant health.

She is a food and plant nerd, practising food as medicine personally and professionally. Her formal studies include International Cuisines, Therapeutic Food Plans, Functional Nutrition Counseling, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, The Gut-Brain Connection, Food as Medicine and Biodynamic Agriculture.

Connect with Karina Hines

IG: @botanicalkitchen

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Kirsten Adler

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