I’m so thrilled you are here, learning how we can work together!

Pilates & GYROTONIC® are wonderful options whether you are transitioning out of physical therapy, pregnant or returning to exercise after birth, or are simply experiencing some stiffness or discomfort. I’m here to help you move better and feel better!

To begin I recommend taking an Intro/Assessment Session. From there you may choose to continue on to my 4 Week or 12 Week Package.

I am also certified in Pre/Postnatal Pilates and have taken additional training in working with Diastasis. Non-crawling babies are welcome to join.

My studio is located in North Deering, Portland, ME.

If you’re ready to schedule a session, the first step is to contact me for a phone consultation so that I can better access your needs.

COVID-19 Update

With reduced community spread, masking is now optional. I will continue to mask for my clients’ comfort and to protect those who are the most vulnerable.

Since working with Kirsten, I’ve gotten much stronger; my back pain has decreased tremendously and my overall mobility has improved significantly!

I am most happy about the increase in my body awareness and core strength. It makes daily tasks easier and I look forward to continuing to get stronger. I’ve been to many movement instructors and Kirsten is the best.

Introductory Session/Assessment

A 75 minute session to go over your health and fitness history, learn about your goals, and get you moving. 




The 4 week package is intended to give your body a kick in the right direction. To see and feel more changes in your body, I recommend the 12 week package. Both packages include weekly 60 minute sessions and home exercises for in between sessions.

4 Week $400
12 Week $1080
(Paid in 2 installments)

What Clients Are Saying

Before working with Kirsten I felt like I was playing "whack-a-mole" with pain: fix one spot, then another would feel bad.

Since working with her I feel easier, more fluid, and strong. I have become more aware of my poor movement habits that lead to pain and can easily move out of them without causing other problems. I highly recommend the program!

Jennifer L.

Not only do I feel more limber, strong, and aware of my body, but I’ve felt inspired to move more!

It can be scary to start a new physical activity, especially when you’re out of shape and in pain, but Kirsten made me feel comfortable. More importantly she made moving fun and enjoyable again! I’ve seen a huge difference in my body since we’ve started working together. The other day I was able to kneel down and hold a squat position to help my daughter. I haven’t been able to do that for ages!

Mary Kate T.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and Kirsten done a great job of tailoring sessions for me through my treatment.

If you have been thinking about exercising, but have been holding off because you don’t think of yourself as a ‘typical’ Pilates client, I can tell you that Kirsten is great if you are mess with all sorts of limitations!

Kristen M.

Kirsten helped me stop limping, improve my balance, posture and strength.

Her personal attention to my particular issues has made a huge difference in how I move and feel. She is kind and patient and a pleasure to know. Go see Kirsten! I recommend her without hesitation.

Nancy T.

Kirsten is amazing! She helped strengthen my core and basically healed my “frozen shoulder”.

Kirsten fine tunes each movement so that even the smallest muscles get work. She’s also kind and very patient.

Tara G.