Season 2, Episode 9

Rethinking Yoga Asana

Oct 30, 2023

In this episode, Kirsten chats with yoga therapist Erin Ehlers about rethinking yoga asana. They discuss the overemphasis of flexibility in yoga, the importance of practicing skills rather than shapes, the use of props to support your practice, and the value of acquiring body awareness.

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About Erin Ehlers

Erin has taught yoga for over 20 years. In these decades of devotion, she’s been a hustling freelancer, a studio owner and now connects with many students online. She teaches in-person whenever she can, and she loves putting the online names to in-person faces.

In her classes and trainings, it’s evident that she values understanding more than achievement. She teaches movement skills as a means of doing a yoga pose. A modern understanding of movement does not oppose the philosophical traditions of yoga, rather these two elements combine to create deep self-inquiry.

She considers herself to be an educator, so her classes are meant to inform and illuminate. Her plank poses will refurbish your upper back, her balance poses will set your glutes aflame. Humor is her secret ingredient for teaching.

Connect with Erin Ehlers

IG: @erinehlersyoga

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Kirsten Adler

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