As a new Pilates student, you may be wondering if private lessons are worth the investment. After all, there are a ton of group classes and online videos out there that cost very little money. Here are four reasons why private sessions are worth every penny: 

#1 Private lessons offer an outside perspective

When we exercise on our own or in a group class setting, we are often stuck in our habitual ways of moving and experiencing movement. In a private session, your teacher might offer you a specific cue that completely changes how you experience an exercise and your body. This novelty may lead to interesting awareness or sensations (e.g. engagement in muscles that you didn’t know you had) or provide more challenge or ease at other times. Ultimately, this will help you feel better in your body! 

#2 Private lessons are customized to meet your body’s unique needs

Unlike group classes and YouYube videos, private sessions offer personalization. For instance, if you experience knee discomfort during squats, your teacher can creatively find other exercises that strengthen your legs without bothering your knees. Your instructor will also provide you just the right amount of challenge, safely supporting you through challenging exercises while paying close attention to your form. These customizations and adjustments can help you move more optimally, prevent injuries, and most importantly you’ll make more efficient progress.

#3 Private lessons provide an environment for curiosity and learning

In many group Pilates classes, your role as a student is to follow your teacher’s instruction. In a private Pilates session, teachers encourage you to ask questions and become more engaged in how you feel and what your body is craving. Throughout this process you can gain a deeper understanding of the practice and with your body. You can also build a more personal bond with your instructor. 

#4 Private sessions keep you accountable

It can be difficult to stick to a new movement routine between work, parenting, and life! Having a weekly appointment keeps you accountable and moving forward towards your goals. Plus, you’ll be so happy that you carved out some time in your week to take care of YOU!

While private sessions can be expensive, they offer a ton of value. They offer focused attention, a customized practice, accountability, and motivation, which allow you to make quicker progress and give you a whole other level of understanding of the exercises and your body. 

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