Many people hear the word Pilates and think of purely stretching (and thin, flexible women in Lululemon leggings), but Pilates is really a whole-body movement system with benefits for everyone that go far beyond the studio.

Here are five reasons why Pilates benefits every body:

1. Coordinated Core: Pilates builds coordination and strength in the deep core system through slow and focused breath-based motions. This translates to better posture, reduced back pain, and greater ease in your daily activities.

2. Greater Mobility: Pilates is a wonderful way to improve your mobility, even if you are extremely stiff. The exercises on the equipment help you to find ranges of motion you didn’t know were possible, while emphasizing fluidity and grace. Through a consistent practice you’ll see your range of motion improve, making everyday movements such as tying your shoes more easeful. 

3. Mind-Body Connection: Pilates is a practice that connects the mind and body through focused attention. As you tap into subtle shifts of your alignment and sensations from engaging muscles that you may have not known you had, you’ll begin to deepen your relationship with your body and its wisdom. 

4. Injury Prevention: Along with improving your strength, flexibility, and body awareness, Pilates keeps your body (and brain) adaptable through its wide repertoire of exercises, which can help prevent injury and keep you doing all the activities you love.

5. Joyful Movement: While Pilates can feel challenging at times, it should feel enjoyable rather than torturous! The built in stretches feel delightful and the variety of movements keep things interesting- you’ll leave your sessions feeling inspired to move more.

Pilates is much more than a workout- it’s a lifelong practice with benefits for everyone.

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