You probably know how important it is to move regularly, but have you ever considered how important it is to move well?

Better movement isn’t about pure strength, speed, or flexibility, but rather it’s a result of a harmonious communication within your body. Better movement is what you observe when you watch a professional athlete perform or children at play: there’s an effortlessness to the quality of their movement, even if their task requires a great deal of power. Better movement is your body’s intelligence.

Here are four reasons why you should move better this year:

Better Movement Feels Better
Moving with greater coordination, efficiency, and organization doesn’t only look more graceful, it feels more pleasing to your body! Even small changes in your approach can provide relief from discomfort.

Better Movement Places Less Stress on Your Body
The effect of your movement patterns are cumulative. Better movement places less stress on your body, which may help prevent injury and pain.

Better Movement Improves Performance
When you observe top athletes there’s a certain grace and clarity in their performance. Learning to move better can help you improve your performance in daily tasks such as walking or schlepping groceries.

Better Movement Benefits the Mind as Well
The body and mind are interconnected, and research shows that posture affects your mood. For example, sitting up tall has been shown to help people feel happier and more confident.  By changing the way you move, you can change your emotional state.

Moving better requires patience as your movement habits can be deeply ingrained; the long term benefits, however, are immense.

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